Founded in 1970 to promote the interests of individuals working within the Flavour Industry

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Membership changes

New members:

Mui Lim - Associate
Alex Hahn - Fellow
Morgane Loquet - Student
David Woollin - Associate
Thaïs Carton - Student
Arthur Smith - Associate
Peter Schieberle - Honorary
Ellen Claire Murphy - Associate
Michael Taylor - Associate
Daniele Naviglio - Affiliate
Michelle Sutherland - Affiliate
Marissa Piazza Pasky - Fellow
Sean Ryan - Affiliate

Upgraded Members:

Aleksandra Ushakova - Associate
Jonathon Holmes - Associate
Federica Geraci - Associate
Helen Vine - Associate
Rodrigo Najar - Associate
Valentina Bongiovanni - Associate
Lucia Belenguer Margarit - Associate
Russel Norman - Associate

Recent Society lectures

The molecular basis of cuisines - Robert Cordina
Artificial Intelligence Smelling: can multidimensional chromatography play a (key) role? - Chiara Cordero
Predicting sensory properties from flavour formulations - dream or reality? - Andy Taylor
Recent advances and perspectives in green extraction processes - Giancarlo Cravotto
Aspects of Flavour Creation - John Wright
BSF-SFC Joint Lecture: Peter Schieberle & Joel Mainland
Key Odourants in Food and other consumer goods - Martin Steinhaus
Modern strategies and techniques of analysis of the volatile fraction - Prof. Carlo Bicchi
Flavour encapsulation & covalent interactions with food proteins - Gary Reineccius
Biomanufacturing flavour compounds with the help of synthetic biology
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