I'm interested in joining the British Society of Flavourists, how do I apply?

Details regarding application, including the form, may be found on the Membership page.

I'm already a Society member but don't know my details for signing in, where do I find them?

You can obtain these yourself by taking the Forgot Login option. You will need access to your email (the address we hold for you) for confirmation messages - if you no longer have this (e.g. if you have changed employer or provider) please contact us to update your details.

  • Check the 'Lost Username' AND 'Lost Password' boxes
  • Enter your email address - on submission, you should receive an email with your Username (your membership number)
  • Return to the Forgot Login page, and this time check only the 'Forgot Password'' box
  • Enter your Username and email address - on submission, you should receive a second email with your new password. You can now log in using just your email address and password (which you should change to something memorable to you).

If you have any problems, please contact us, and we can send you login details directly.

I'm a BSF member, and believe I qualify for one of the higher grades - how do I ugrade?

You will need to submit an application for consideration by the Society's Council - this is easily done via the online upgrade application form (login required)

How can I verify that a person is a member of the BSF?

Existing members are able to log in to the My BSF area, where they can use the Member Lookup facility to verify another's membership status

How do I pay my annual subscription?

We now use Xero to manage financial transactions, including subscriptions invoicing which is now handled exclusively via email. Payment methods will be highlighted on the e-invoices.

Can my company/employer be a member of the BSF?

An important principle of the BSF is that membership is held solely on a personal basis, so we do not have group or company memberships. Some employers support membership by funding subscriptions (and we can accept grouped payments provided they can be assigned to individual members), but ultimately membership is a matter between the member & The Society only. This is particularly pertinent regarding matters relating to membership renewal. For this reason we are also unable to provide group invoices.